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Bring Your World Back into Focus Using the Original Magnabrite

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Enhance Your Vision with Our Advanced Magnifier

The original 4x Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnifier has been helping people like you see clearer and brighter since 1950. Crafted from solid, optical-grade acrylic, the Magnabrite from Visual Aid Lab, Inc. intensifies all light four times that passes through it. Unlike other magnifiers, this one does not need batteries or bulbs for precision performance, and there is no frame to obstruct the viewer's vision.


Looking for a unique client gift? A personalized Magnabrite is the perfect solution. Your logo or message can be laser engraved around the rim of each magnifier. You can also choose either a walnut or oak base to complement your gift. Our specialty, laser-engraved Magnabrites are great for conferences, meetings, awards of recognition, incentives, employee gifts, and customer/vendor appreciation.

Each magnifier comes with a velvet, double-drawstring pouch you can easily carry in a purse, carry-on luggage, beach bag, backpack, or briefcase. The Magnabrite is available in four sizes, providing many different applications for use anytime you want to see clearly. Its uses include viewing stamps, coins, phone books, newspapers, maps, crafts, photos, models, and magazines.


Dear Lab,

My eye doctor used to carry your product. I work in a toy store and with my Macular degeneration I am able to work there because the glass allows me to see skews and credit card numbers, etc.

I sent many people to Eisenstaat's office to get your product. Everyone who sees it loves it. Now I will give them your web site. I have the around 4" one and the around 2" one. The bigger one is a bit unwieldy but the small one is great. I call it "Cyclops", my one eye out of Odysseus. One has to have a sense of humor with adversity. Thanks for extending my work capability, balancing my checkbook, and other myriad life necessities.


Sara O'Dell

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Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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