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Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you are dissatisfied, we accept returns within 30 days for a full refund, minus shipping costs.

Cleaning Your Magnabrite

Only use a 100% cotton cloth when cleaning your Magnabrite, so you do not scratch it! You can use any ammonia-free glass cleaner without damaging your magnifier. Never use Kleenex or paper towels, which are made from wood and will scratch your Magnabrite.

Dome Repolishing Available

51mm (2") domes:              $12.50 + Shipping
64mm (2 1/2") domes:       $12.50 + Shipping
89mm (3 1/2") domes:       $17.50 + Shipping
115mm (4 1/2") domes:      $25.50 + Shipping

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