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Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnifier

Your eyes act as the perfect magnifier, but what if your vision is not so perfect? A Magnabrite can help. The pre-focused Magnabrite glides effortlessly over almost any surface and provides 4X magnification to relieve eye strain. Never again will you be forced to squint while reading fine print in books, newspapers, or on medicine bottles. Magnabrite also resists scratching with its concave base, reducing the risk of damaging the lens.

The Magnabrite has what optical experts call an infinite eyepoint. This means that your eyes can be any distance from the magnifier, at nearly any angle, without affecting focus or clarity. For example, there is no need for you to hunch over when looking at newspapers, magazines, or phone books. Best of all, several people can view the subject at the same time!

Whether it is for your own low vision needs or for a specialty gift, Visual Aid Lab, Inc. has the right magnifier for you. Buy your original Magnabrite today!

Providing Low Vision Assistance

As you age, your eyes become less focused and may succumb to low-vision-related conditions, which takes away your ability to see up close and precise. Low vision is loss of sight that is not correctible by eyeglasses, contacts, or surgery. Eye disorders or injuries, such as diabetes, cataracts, cancer, brain injuries, or age-related macular degeneration, can often cause low vision problems.

Although there is no cure for low vision problems, you can improve your quality of life with the original Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnifier. The most common types of low vision are:

• Loss of Central Vision (Blind Spot in One's Vision)
• Loss of Peripheral (Side) Vision

• Night Blindness
• Blurred Vision
• Hazy Vision


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