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A Magnabrite for Every Application

The Magnabrite also makes a great visual aid for your workplace. Our magnifier has an infinite eyepoint, which means easy viewing from nearly every angle, and the same clarity and focus every time. Best of all, several people can view a subject at the same time. Any industry can benefit from the light gathering magnifier—photography, printing, graphic arts, the stock market, architecture (blueprints), medical, and more!

Other companies have tried to imitate the original Magnabrite Light Gathering Magnifier, but do not be fooled. The look-alike magnifiers are hollow, molded plastic and do not offer the same quality or features as the magnifier from Visual Aid Lab, Inc.

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Magnabrite® Specialty Laser Engraving

How About A Truly Unique Gift?

Show your clients, prospects, and co-workers how much you appreciate them with a special gift. The Magnabrite® Light Gathering Magnifier. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness when receiving this unique laser engraved magnifier with your logo or message on the rim.

A Magnabrite® always makes a great addition to any desktop as a paperweight, while providing years of precision performance, so be sure to include this gift item on your Corporate Gift List. Once you put it in their hands, anyone will find new uses for a Magnabrite® almost every day.
Quantity discounts are also available.
The Magnabrite® is available with beautiful laser engraving, distinctive oak and walnut bases, and it also comes with a velvet double string pouch for easy portability to anywhere life might take it.

Bulk, non-engraved, Magnabrites® are also available for immediate shipment. For more information and special pricing call Mike at (855) 806-9090 today, or use our convenient online contact form to reach us by email.

For Use in Your Occupation or Favorite Hobby

Manufactured in the United States, Magnabrite is ideal for designers, architects, graphic artists, photographers, crafters, model builders, collectors, hobbyists, and genealogists. It has proven to be a valuable tool for helping those experiencing the early stages of macular degeneration and other low vision conditions. Our light gathering magnifiers are available in four convenient sizes:

51mm (2")
Perfect for viewing 35mm images, stamps, newspaper columns, maps, charts, schematics, contact sheets, contracts, X-rays, coins, and other small objects.

64mm (2.5")
Very useful for 35mm slides, negatives, maps, small print, faxes, and other general applications.

89mm (3.5")
Ideal for viewing documents, 8" x 10" film, maps, small print, and other large applications.

115mm (4.5")
The solution for viewing larger documents, 8" x 10" film, blueprints, maps, and other large applications; this size will allow for easy viewing of most newspaper and magazine columns.

Suggested Uses:

• Maps & Charts
• Phone Books
• Stock Reports
• Faxes
• Schematics & Drawings
• Contact Sheets
• Contracts
• Menus
• Stamps & Coins
• X-Rays

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